Following the devastated explosion of a pipeline on Saturday as a result of vandal activities, killing about 50 persons at Arepo Village in Ogun state, a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Youth Against Disaster Initiative (YADI) observed that:
1. In the recent times, Nigeria has experienced loss of thousand lives and billions of naira property arising from various pipeline vandalisms.
2. Most of the pipeline disruptions have been attributed to the unemployed youths, who are in search for means of survival; as the stolen oil quickly making its way onto the black market.
3. Inadequate check against black market activities has created a large market opportunity for vandals to dispose their stolen products.
4. Pipeline vandalism would continue to sabotage the government development projects, as unemployment rate accelerates in the country.
5. Sabotage and theft through oil siphoning has become a major issue contributing to serious environmental degradation and persistent fuel scarcity in Nigeria.
The Youths recommended as follows:
1. Effective measures must be promptly embarked upon towards the creation of massive employment opportunities and poverty eradication by all levels of government.
2. Nigerian governments and other stakeholders must work to save the environment by improving security to reduce the illegal activities.
3. Before starting fueling, defueling, or internal transfer operation, oil industries are encouraged to check all machinery and piping systems for tightness and leaking glands.
4. Installation of the modern Pipeline Telecontrol System for adequate control and monitoring of oil process equipment and transfer from one station to another.
5. Implementation of proper punishments against black marketers and anyone found guilty of pipeline destruction.
We commend the rapid intervention of the search and rescue team of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Nigerian Police Force, Fire Service and Red Cross Society of Nigeria, who have helped to keep the environment safe against further disasters.

Abubakar Jimoh
National Coordinator, Youths Against Disasters Initiative (YADI)