By: Abubakar Jimoh


1)            Excessive speeding

2)            Driver’s fatigue and reckless driving

3)            Equipment Failure

4)            Poor Roadway Design and Roadway Maintenance

5)            Night Driving

6)            Improper Turning manner

7)            Driving on a wrong way

8)            Improper use of electronic gadgets while driving

9)            Disobedience to traffic instructions

10)          Impatient and tailgating

11)          Potholes on the highway

12)          Drinking before or while driving


1)  Maintain regular check on general vehicle devices such as steering, lights, windshield wipers, horns, warning signals, side or rearview mirrors, restraint systems, tyre.

2) Avoid tailgating especially during heavy traffic.

3) Practice precaution when carrying passengers.

4) Avoid drinking of alcohol before and while driving.

5) Always obey traffic regulation and road signs such as traffic lights etc.

6) Avoid over speeding

7) Avoid using cell phones and other technological gadgets while driving.

8) Avoid loading beyond the vehicle designed load limit.

9) Follow the established emergency precautions and constant awareness campaign against automobile accident by the safety authorities such as National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

10) Avoid slowing down suddenly to check your car or look at an unusual situation happening on the road or nearby.

11) Attend regular mandatory driver education and training courses, annual driver examinations to upgrade your driving skills.

12) Always obey the advocated speed limits and preventive techniques instituted by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), NEMA against car accident.

Abubakar Jimoh is the National Coordinator, Youths Against Disaster Initiative (YADI)