Causes and preventions against Windstorm Hazards



1. Natural phenomena such as air that is being pushed by high pressure toward low pressure.

2. Lack of familiarity with safety rules of storms.

3. Inadequate information technology equipment in the prediction and mitigation against windstorm.

4. Individual ethno-cultural believe about windstorm.

5. Individual reaction towards the occurrence of windstorm.

6. Innocent and illiteracy.

7. Individual attitude towards his environment.

8. Wrong forecast in part of metrological reports.

9. Ethno-linguistic barriers associated with decoding metrological reports in local dialects.

10. Technical jargons used in weather reports.


1. Understand the metrological background of the area where you live or are visiting.

2. Get familiar with the safety rules for those storms.

3. Follow the regular windstorms alert issued by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

4. Listen to regular weather reports on a special weather radio.

5. Follow regular weather reports and storm watches and warnings from the National Metrological Agency.

6. Develop a proactive safety strategy against the occurrence of windstorms.

7. Do not drive your car onto a flooded road, even if the water looks shallow.

8. Stop all outdoor activities and get into a sturdy building in occurrence windstorm.

9. Avoid taking shelter under trees or in an open picnic shelter.

10. A vehicle with a metal roof is a safe place if you roll up the windows.

Abubakar Jimoh is the National Coordinator, Youths Against Disaster Initiative (YADI)